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Rodent Extermination

Rodents can be very dangerous given the health risks posed by their presence. They are known to be carriers of the plague and hantavirus and as such having rodent infestations in close vicinity can mean a risk of being infected. Rodents usually infest an area in order to seek shelter from harsh weather or for giving birth to their young ones. If not handled as soon as possible, these infestations can grow large very soon and hence pose a huge risk to the family members as well.

How to remove the rodent infestation?

  • Appropriate surveying of the area,
  • Ongoing prevention from further attacks

How can we help?

At Etobicoke Extermination, we put high-quality extermination first. Our team consists of experienced professionals who will help you with the extermination process that give guaranteed results. There are several new techniques we implement in order to keep improving the kind of extermination treatment we provide to our clients.